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Unique Closet Storage

Closets can easily get cramped and cluttered. Sometimes we have to be creative to come up with storage solutions that work with the space that we have. If you live in an apartment or home with few closets, then you may end up needing to store more things in your closet besides clothes and shoes. Finding space for these things can be a challenge. Use these ideas to help you come up with ways to store odds and ends in your closet while saving space.

You may be surprised at what types of storage containers are on the market today. The closet accessories that used to only be available to professionals are now available at reasonable prices to the public. Before you go and buy a lot of stuff, examine what you have. You will need to determine what really needs to stay in your closet. Get rid of as much as you can. Then take measurements. You don’t want to get home with a lot of containers that just won’t fit in your closet space.

See if you need to install additional shelving in your closet. Even coated wire shelving has some attractive accessories, now. You can get beautiful baskets that slide like drawers or wooden inserts that make a wire closet system look great, without investing in a solid wood closet system.

You can dress up a closet system by using wood hangers or other high-end hangers that make your closet look nice. You can save space by using specialty hangers. Save shelf space by using comforter or quilt hangers. Get shorts off of your shelves by using pant or skirt hangers to hang them. Pretty much any hanger with clamps or clips will hold shorts.

There are other hangers that will hold things and keep you from having to invest money and space in storing them. Scarves, ties, belts and purses can all be hung. Skirts, pajamas, swim wear, and even lingerie can be hung. Just be sure that you choose the hanger that is meant to hold each of these items so that they don’t end up stretched, torn or on the floor.

If your goal is to save space, consider space saving hangers, like velvet hangers. These are thin, flat and fit close together. However, their ingenious design keeps them strong. The velvet coating keeps clothes from slipping.

Velvet hangers also come with cascading hooks. Simply slip the accessory over the hook of the hanger. Then you can hang more things from that hanger on the hook. Pair up tops and bottoms to make getting ready a snap. Plus you’ll be saving space and making room to store more of your odds and ends.

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How to Live Simply

Choosing a lifestyle of simplicity is often a very personal, life changing decision. People choose to live more simplistically for a lot of different reasons. Some may do it simply to save money, while others do it to feel a deeper connection with life. You may choose to simplify your life to reduce stress, to reduce the environmental impact that you have on the earth, or simply because it is hard to manage the space that you have to live in. No matter your reasons, you can use these guidelines and affirmations to help you manage a simpler life.

1) Living simply gives us more time to enjoy life. Just imagine how much less time you could spend cleaning, organizing, shopping, and worrying if your life was streamlined into a wistful, predictable bliss. Of course, things will come up. But, having a commitment to making your life more livable and less stressful will give you the outlook that you need to make it through the rough patches.

2) Start by reducing your possessions. Ask yourself if you really need it or if it really makes you happy. Why did you buy the item in the first place? Did it make you happy when you bought it? Does it still retain its value to you? Getting rid of things that clutter your home will help you to free your mind. It is a very powerful feeling to have control over the number of possessions that you have. Many people are so happy with the control that they feel that they don’t miss the things that they got rid of, at all.

3) Go through your home and find piles of junk. Everybody has some clutter that could be reduced. Focus on one section of your home at a time and try to keep only what you really use. If you have a lot of dishes, keep only your favorite ones. If you only have one frying pan, you’ll have to clean it every time you use it. No more dishes piling up in the sink. If you don’t have back-ups for putting things off, then they’ll have to be done in small doses. No more weekend days that consist of only cleaning. You can’t procrastinate doing the laundry or housework if it has to be done for the next meal or day of work to happen. You’ll be so happy never having clutter pile up that you’ll revel in your small daily routines of making it work.

4) You will need to optimize your storage space to get some things in order. Take your closet for example. If you’re serious, you may want to get rid of bedroom furniture. Many folks love only having a bed in their bedroom. It’s a great way to enjoy space. You will still need somewhere to keep the possessions that you need. Get a good closet system that has spaces for little things, like ties, socks, jewelry, and gloves. Use space saving hangers to make your clothing that you keep fit into a smaller space. Velvet hangers are great for this, because they’re slim, strong, and can save you more space than you may have imagined. Once you get your closets done and your home clutter-free, you can relax in the space that you have created.

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Velvet Hangers Maximize Closet Space

The type of hanger you choose can make a big difference in the amount of closet space that you have. Use these tips to make the most of your closet space with space saving hangers and other closet accessories.

1) Pair tops and bottoms together. This can save you time when you are getting ready for work or for a night on the town. Pairing outfits together not only saves you time, but can double the space in your closet. You can use specialty suit hangers to hang the pants or skirt with the top that matches it best. You can also use cascading hooks or other hanger clips to make an outfit take up the space of one hanger.

2) Use hangers designed to hold multiples of each item to save more space. If you use pants hangers that allow you to hang a few pairs on one hanger, you can save a lot of room. You can use ones with clips or ones that simply drape over each other. Some will simply have hooks for you to hang a few hangers on one base. You can use these for skirts or any other item that can be draped.

3) Use bins for small items. This will make your closet look more organized by disguising what all you have in the closet. It’s also a lot easier to stay organized when everything has a place to go. Baskets or bins can go into cubby spaces, on shelves, or on the floor of the closet. You can color coordinate so that your sock bin is a different color than your husbands, or however you determine works best for you and your closet.

4) Sometimes using hangers for their specific purpose can help you save space. For example, suit hangers and coat hangers are usually curved to help you keep the shape of the shoulders of your heavier garments. This curvature helps the hangers to stay close together without wrinkling and cramming your clothes. Flat metal hangers and velvet hangers are very slim, fitting close together on the bar. The necks of high quality metal and velvet hangers are designed not to get crossed up on the bar, unlike those old flimsy wire hangers.

5) Using cascading hooks and finger clips on velvet hangers will allow you to customize the hangers to fit everything in your closet. Plus, they come in all kinds of colors and interesting prints to make your closet look great. Because they are space saving hangers, they will help you to efficiently organize your space while making it look great at the same time.

About the Author: Rick Miller is on the staff of Only Slimline Hangers, a leading online resource for velvet hangers which are space saving hangers, non slip hangers and slim line hangers. For more information, please visit