Vertical Living: Small Living Spaces

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Get Vertical! Great Space Saving Options for Storing Things in a Small Space

Living in a small space can be frustrating or rewarding, depending on how you look at it and how you organize. Taking advantage of the vertical space in an apartment or small home will not only give you more room to move about, but it will also give you the organized space that you crave.

What is Vertical Space?

Vertical space is the space on your walls. Instead of using big pieces of furniture to store things or cramming everything you own in a closet, consider utilizing some of those bare walls. Conventional furniture and shelves can take up a lot of space without giving you much usable storage. Consider these other options before you buy.

Ceiling Space

It may seem odd to store things on the ceiling, but if you look at garage organizers, you’ll see that a lot of things can be hung from the ceiling. You can store larger items in this way. Bikes can be hung from the ceiling to make space. You can also install cabinets all the way around the ceiling in small rooms to give you a lot of out-of-the-way storage. A simple shelf around the top of the wall can give you a place for books or decorative items, freeing up space for other things down lower that you need more often.


Corner space can often be wasted with a small corner desk or chair. Building or buying corner shelves that go up to the ceiling can give you a lot more storage room in a spot that is not very useful for other things anyway. Use all four corners of your closet for shoe boxes, shelves that hold things that don’t fit anywhere else, or containers that organize socks, underwear, and accessories that would otherwise fill a dresser.


Choose furniture that you can store things in. A pull out bed in the couch gives you room for guests. A trunk instead of a coffee table gives you somewhere to put throw pillows and blankets. An enclosed, cabinet-style end table hides crafts, magazines, game controllers and more, whereas a regular end table would provide you with no storage in the same amount of space.


Save more space than you ever imagined simply by upgrading your hangers. Space Saving Only SlimLine Hangers are super slim, giving you double the space that you could have with plastic tubular hangers. Use the cascading hooks to coordinate outfits, and you could double your hanging space again. Use a garment rack for hanging suits, dresses and coats that you don’t wear very often, saving your closet for things that you need every day.

Making small adjustments all over your small apartment or home will help you to stay organized with more storage space than people would normally have in a bigger home.

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