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Living with a Couple’s Closet

Living with a Couple's Closet
Living with a Couple’s Closet is easier with a professional’s advice! Tips from Only SlimLine Hangers closet professionals will make it easy and efficient.

Use SlimLine space saving hangers to make extra room when you’re sharing your closet with someone. These are the best velvet hangers on the market.

Tips from Only SlimLine Hangers closet organization experts.

Sharing a closet with someone can just be a nightmare. One person is messy while the other is neat. One person’s junk tends to spill over onto the wrong side. One person might have a lot of junk to store that takes up space that could be used for your clothing. Sometimes it can just be too much to handle. Closet space is often valuable and scarce to begin with. Sharing it with someone can make it even harder to keep the closet organized and functional.
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Creative Use of Shelving

Creative Use of Shelving
Great organization ideas from Learn how to creatively use shelves and space saving hangers, like velvet hangers.

Shelving is an incredibly versatile organizational tool. Shelves help you to store things while keeping them easy to access. You can disguise small objects in bins and baskets to keep them from making the shelves look cluttered. You can also turn shelves on their side or back to make them useful in other ways. Read on to learn how you might could use your shelves to organize just about anywhere in the house.

1) Turning shelves on their side is a great way to make the most of some shelves. If the shelves are not very wide, you can turn them on their side to create a seat and cubby storage area by your front door or in a kid’s room. Using shelves horizontally may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but if they’re sturdy enough to use this way, they can be a great addition to any room. Use them as a window seat. Put containers inside to hold shoes or books. Blocks and other toys can be stored underneath and played with on top. Wider shelves can be anchored to the wall and used like lockers. Install some hooks and you’re set to go. Getting your entryway organized has never been so easy.
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Storing Small Things in a Small Home

Living Room

Lots of little things tend to pile up in the living room. Remotes, games, mail, magazines and more may be making your living area look more like a dumping ground. Choosing furniture with storage is a great way to get these little things out of sight while keeping them handy for everyday use. Choose a coffee table or ottoman that opens up to reveal storage. Choose end tables with drawers. Even nightstands do great in the living room. You can even get couches and chairs that have storage areas hidden underneath the padding of the arms.
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