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Space Savers for Compact Spaces

Everyone’s closet can become cluttered sooner or later. New items come in and we just don’t take the time to get rid of our old clothing and accessories. Managing the space in your closet can make it a great thing to have in your home. Concentrating on making closet space functional is a great way to get the most use from your closet. Use these expert ideas to help you turn a closet into a useful area once again, no matter how small it may be.

1) Get rid of as much clutter as possible. This means clearing out things that you either no longer use or do not have space for. You can’t warrant owning or storing a set of luggage in your closet if you don’t have space for your clothing. Consider storing bulky items in a garage, basement or attic. Clothing that doesn’t fit right, is no longer in style, or that you simply don’t wear should be donated or sold. You can sell or offer your clothes to someone locally online. If you want to have a yard sale, it’s a great way to get some extra money to spend on your closet.

2) If you want to stay organized year round, you need a system. It’s really hard to stay organized if your clothing for winter starts to take over your summer clothes. Make sure that you have spacious storage for items that are not in use. Keep out a few things to wear between seasons. These items should stay in your closet all year. Having a few things accessible will keep you from making the snap decision to get your summer clothes out on that first hot day, before you’re ready to swap out wardrobes. Those in between times when the weather can be both hot and cold can creep up on you and cause you to cram clothes into your closet, destroying your efforts to get organized.

3) Find creative places to store items that you are not using. Check behind the closet door, above it, high above the top shelf, and in the front corners of the closet. There may be hidden space that you can use to get organized. Use risers to create extra space underneath beds for excess shoes and clothing that is not in season.

4) Using the right clothes hangers can make a big difference in the closet that you use. Staying organized is easier if you have hangers that help you to do that. Space saving hangers, like velvet hangers, are made to fit flat against each other. They are very sturdy and have a velvet coating that keeps clothes from ending up on the floor. They are perfect for coordinating outfits and helping you to make the most of a small space.

About the Author: Rick Miller is on the staff of Only Slimline Hangers, a leading online resource for velvet hangers which are space saving hangers, non slip hangers and slim line hangers. For more information, please visit

New Uses for your Velvet Hangers

Short on closet space? You’re not alone! Most people complain that their closets are too small or that their home doesn’t have enough storage. However, it is often true that with a few adjustments, most people can live quite comfortably with the space that they have, once they learn how to better organize and arrange it.

Using space saving hangers, like velvet hangers, is a great way to save space, time and money. These hangers have a flat, yet sturdy design that holds clothing perfectly straight while hanging. The velvet coating gently, yet firmly, grips all types of fabrics and keeps things from getting wrinkled, stretched, damaged, or crumpled on the floor. But the real beauty is how thin they are!

These flat hangers are so thin that you can fit two of them in the space of one plastic tubular hanger. That means that if you’re currently using plastic hangers, not only are you risking snags, runs, tears, wrinkles and slippage, but you are also using double the space that you need to. Using hangers that fit so closely together can give you more space than you ever imagined.

Now consider this. If you use clips, hooks, cascading hooks, and multi-garment styles of space saving hangers, then you can triple or quadruple your closet space, simply by upgrading your hangers. Coordinate outfits, hang pants instead of stacking them, and keep like-items hung together in one place. You won’t believe the difference it can make.

Optional clips are also wonderful for taking care of the odds and ends of your closet. I use the clips to hang purses, stockings, swimwear, and slips. You can use them in multiple areas to hang whatever you can think of. When everything has a place, it’s easy to stay organized. When things hang perfectly straight and stay in place, you can avoid ironing and the risk of a crumpled mountain of clothes on your closet floor. When everything is easy to see and find, you save time in the mornings and when you’re getting ready to go out. With so much extra room in the closet, you can empty your drawers and use them for storing other household items.

If you think about it, using space saving hangers, velvet hangers, is a great way to make your way towards an entirely organized home. Less work, less clutter, less time, and less money wasted all because you figured out a better way to do things in your closet.

About the Author: Rick Miller is on the staff of Only Slimline Hangers, a leading online resource for velvet hangers which are space saving hangers, non slip hangers and slim line hangers. For more information, please visit