Decluttering and Organizing Tips

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“Decluttering” is a buzzword that’s everywhere! There is something about clean countertops, a clean expanse of floor, and a neat-looking home that brings a sense of peace. However, there is a fine line between keeping your home clutter free and getting rid of things that you’ll wish you had back at some point. Following are some tips to help you declutter and organize your home!

What You Will Learn

How to effectively declutter
Tips to organize your home
Strategies for keeping your home clutter free


Declutter only one area at a time.
This will help prevent chaos and getting rid of things you didn’t mean to.
Do expect this to take some time, especially if it’s your first time decluttering.
Make sure you are not rushed.
Of course you want to be efficient and work through this as quickly as possible, but don’t be on such a tight schedule that you can’t give a bit of thought to what you are about to toss!
Clearly mark your “take-out” boxes or bags so that things don’t get mixed up.
Have one box for trash, one for donations, and one for yard sale (if that is part of the plan).
Do get rid of things that make you think “yuck” but you have held onto “just in case.”
For example, if you have not worn something in a whole year, chances are you won’t! Chances are you can toss it!
Make sure your home is as neat and clean as possible before you begin your decluttering project.
Do plan to keep your home clutter-free by thinking carefully before every new purchase.
(This will save you lots of money, too!)

Don’t start on more than one area at a time.
I can tell you from experience, this is not a pretty sight!
Don’t start decluttering impulsively on an emotional whim
(think monthly cycles, traumatic events, or after visiting another’s home and developing — dare I say this? — “comparison envy”). Decluttering should be a conscious choice to weed out the things that do not enhance your lifestyle in the place you live each day.
Don’t start a decluttering project in the middle of a holiday.
Don’t start a decluttering project if you cannot see it through to completion.
Caution: take care when decluttering items that don’t belong to you
Even if they are your children’s items and you feel you can let them go without your children noticing, you need to make sure you are not giving away something with extreme sentimental value.
Don’t toss things you know you are likely to use again.
Yes, believe it or not, people do this.
Don’t begin a decluttering project in a house that’s already out of sorts and upsidedown.
It’s best to tidy up first as much as possible so everyone involved doesn’t go mad!