Simple, Small, Living

Choosing to live a simple life is often a freeing decision to make. Many people feel that our lives have been consumed by consumerism. We’ve moved on from owning quaint homes, a few pieces of quality furniture, and having only what we need to wanting everything bigger, better, and in more abundance. If you’re feeling like you’re ready to slow down, simplify your life, and start minimizing around your home, then you are not alone.

People choose to simplify for a multitude of often personal reasons. Sometimes it’s just necessary to reduce because larger living spaces are so expensive. Living in a small apartment, condo, or efficiency can make it seem hard to keep down the clutter. You may be feeling like the tight space is closing in on you simply because you don’t have anywhere to put the belongings that you need to keep. Use these tips to learn how successful simpletons manage and love their smaller, more simplified lives.

1) First, start simplifying by reducing the stresses that occupy your everyday life. Something as simple as paying bills can be turned from a dreary task to a quick and paperless endeavor. Most banks offer online bill paying options that can be set up to automatically pay your bills for you, or you can go on and pay them yourself in only seconds. No paper bills, no stamps, no checks, no errands to the post office, and you are just blissfully done with a super minimal amount of effort.

2) Getting rid of excess in your home can be liberating. Before you buy something or decide to keep an item, always consider whether it is something that you need, if it could be replaced with a smaller or more efficient model, or if it is simply something that you want? Many people are able to get rid of a lot of sentimental clutter by keeping a scrapbook documenting items instead of the actual items that can take up space. If you’re keeping things because of the memories that they possess, then you will be just as happy reminiscing while looking at a photo of the item. The freedom and control of your surroundings that you feel is very addictive and will help you to keep things simple in other aspects of your life.

3) Storage is a problem for many people living in small spaces. Utilizing furniture that doubles as storage is a great way to hide storage items around your home without taking up any extra space at all. Installing a good closet system is another way to make the best use of the storage space that you have. You would be amazed at the volume of space that is wasted in most people’s closets. Vertical space should be utilized all over your home, but in the closet, it can make and enormous difference. Another way to make a difference is to use space saving hangers, like velvet hangers, to double or triple the space in your closet. Simplify the process of getting ready for work or to go out by cascading your hangers to coordinate outfits. No more searching for that shirt that goes with the pants you want to wear. Use these and other space saving strategies around your home and you can have a simply organized living space before you know it.

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