Tricks with Hangers that Save Space

Is your closet becoming a nightmare? Many people struggle with having a closet that is too small, too cramped, and way overfilled. If you’re tired of digging for what you need then it is time to make a change. Organizing everything and getting rid of excess clothing can help, but sometimes that’s just not enough. There are lots of ways to make space in a cramped closet, including updating your clothes hangers.

First you have to clear out all of that old junk. Some people store things for decades without ever looking through what they have. Boxes of books, photos, old clothes, and keepsakes can overrun your closet, leaving you no room for the things that you actually use. If this is the case in your closet, it is time to take action.

Pull everything out of the closet and start going through all of those old boxes. Many times, we store things that seem important at the time, but later we realize that we are never actually going to use them. Additionally, some of those things that we do want to keep can be kept elsewhere. See if you can make room in the basement, a spare bedroom, under the bed, or in the garage. If you have to, try to install some cabinets or shelves outside of the closet for storage. Give away and throw away all that you can.

Next, you need to prepare your closet for maintenance. If you can’t maintain the organization that you worked so hard on, then you’ll find yourself right back where you started. After the junk is cleared out, you may notice that your next closet dilemma is your out-of-season clothing. You need to have a plan.

Label containers so that you don’t end up digging through the wrong ones in a hurry, leaving them torn apart all over your closet. Separate things as much as possible and label them accordingly. You may have a box for jeans, one for sweatshirts, one for pajamas, etc. Keeping things separated helps to keep things organized, but also forces you to use multiple small containers that are easy to store, instead of giant boxes.

Now you should only have the clothing and shoes that you are going to wear this season left out. If it still seems like too much for your closet, then you need to update your hangers. Using space saving hangers can triple the amount of space in your closet. These velvet hangers are sturdy, but fit flat together, saving space and preventing wrinkles. They don’t get bent or tangled like wire hangers and can be a valuable addition to your closet. They also have cascading hooks, clips, and specialty designs that hold certain clothes delicately, yet firmly, so that everything in your closet is organized and neat.

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