Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving

Decorating for autumn is an exciting time of year. The colors, the weather, the sentiment, the holidays, and the time with family make fall a lot of people’s favorite season. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, so we decided to put together some quick organizing tips for you. Part of decorating is getting organized so that you can keep your house clean enough for visitors while keeping your own stress level down during this busy time.

Prepping your home for Thanksgiving starts with getting organized. You need to get things in order to keep it running smoothly when the visitors start to pour in. Start with your everyday problem areas. The entryway to your home, your countertops, and your closets are usually the biggest challenges. After you get these things under control, you can decorate and get your house ready for company.

Entryway: Keep the entrance to the home welcoming and clear. When people come in, they will need somewhere to hang their coats. If your coat closet is already stuffed, consider clearing it out a little. You can hang coats that aren’t used as often in a spare bedroom or on a rolling garment rack. This combined with using space saving hangers in the closet will give you a lot more space. If you don’t have room in the coat closet, you can use a stand-alone coat rack by the door. Or, you can install a wall mounted coat hanger bar. You can stock it with slim velvet hangers that won’t cause your guests’ coats to end up on the floor.

Countertops: Keeping the kitchen and bathroom countertops clear can be challenging for sure. These areas often become the catch-all spot for little things that people don’t feel like putting away. If you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner at your house, you will definitely need to do something about clutter before you need that space. See if you can find areas for appliances that aren’t constantly used. You will need a lot of counter space to prepare and serve all of those dishes. An organizing charging station on the kitchen counter can solve a lot of your problems. Small wall shelves or cleaning out your junk drawer can give you more room, too.

Closets: Closets are notoriously messy. They are rarely seen by others, so they are constantly pushed down the list of cleaning priorities. Give your closets a quick makeover by giving away as much as possible to charity. Hang your clothes on space saving hangers, like velvet hangers, to find new space that you didn’t know you had. You will be amazed how much time you save when your closets are usable and decluttered.

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