Making Use of Small Spaces

Life is so busy, that many people are turning to the simplicity of living with minimal stuff. Junk and clutter adds to the discouraging level of stress in our lives, so why not get rid of it? Many people have even traded in their giant homes for small, sensible living spaces. Whether you’ve decided to reduce your belongings and space, or you simply can’t afford to live anywhere except a small apartment, these tips will help you to enjoy the space that you have.

First, get rid of things that don’t enhance the space. Many things that we own turn out not to be as useful as we planned or take up to much space to be worth the “convenience” they were supposed to offer. Limiting your belongings so that you only own practical things will lighten the load in your apartment and your life.

Of course, you don’t want to just throw away everything and live with one plate and one cup. You should also surround yourself with things that inspire you. If you explore and search for items that are useful and also beautiful, you can really make your apartment or small home a personal retreat. Now, you’re probably saying to yourself that that is easier said than done, and you’re right.

Making your life more simplistic is a lifelong endeavor for some. It takes making a mental adjustment on the way that you see the world. It can be hard to resist things that you think you need. But, you’ve probably lived without it up until now. Before you buy something, ask yourself if there is any other way to get the use that the item offers without actually buying the item.

For example, you see a wine rack that would be beautiful in your kitchen, but deep down you know that it would take up some valuable counter space. But, society has conditioned you to constantly be a good consumer and fill your home with things. You’re fighting back, but you still want that wine rack. You go home and suddenly you’re not content with the wine sitting up beside the refrigerator any more. The product has accomplished its goal. It made you feel like you couldn’t live without it.

You really need to rebel against advertisements and figure out a way to be creative instead of spending a lot of money. If you really want to get the wine bottles off of the countertop, find another way. For example, you can easily install a wood shelf with slat dividers that hang down from your upper cabinets. Voila! Wine rack that didn’t cost but a couple of bucks and you’ve made more space on your counter than you had before.

Use your creativity to make space in other ways around your house. Get rid of things that aren’t necessary and consolidate items around your house. Do you really need to keep every book that you’ve ever read? Do you need all of those sheets that don’t fit the bed that you’re using now? Does your closet have clothes in it that you haven’t worn in forever? You can make space not only by getting rid of things, but by using sneaky ways of forcing it to happen. For example, those slim velvet hangers are the latest in space saving hangers, tripling space in your closet without getting rid of anything. If you really try, you can make a lot of use out of small spaces, without spending a lot of money.

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