How to Work with a Small Closet

Small closets can translate into big headaches. They get cram-packed with all sorts of things that don’t necessarily go in the closet. They can make you feel as if they wouldn’t hold what you needed them to, even if you got rid of as much stuff as possible. This is why you need to utilize some small closet organization tips. Make the most of the space that you have by using specialty hangers, space saving hangers, and velvet hangers. This can make your closet hold up to three times more clothing in an orderly way.

1) Just go ahead and empty everything out of the closet. There may be more junk in there than you realize. Separate everything into piles as it comes out. You will definitely need to begin by making some tough decisions about what you want to keep. If it’s questionable, go ahead and put it into a box. Store it in the garage, basement or attic for a while. If you don’t miss what’s in it after a year, donate it to charity. Sometimes a trial run of living without something will help you realize that you don’t need it. In the meantime, you can enjoy the increase in closet space.

2) Make special places for everything. If you have old year books, photos, computer equipment, luggage, and other items in your closet, then you need to either make a place for it, or get it out of there. Sometimes a trunk at the foot of the bed, an armoire, or a wardrobe can house these items and help you clear out space for your clothes in the closet.

3) Donate what you can to charity and then prepare for future donations. This will help you to keep your closet organized over time. You may decide to hang a bag on one side of your closet labeled “charity” so that you can toss things in it throughout the year. If you wear something and then decide that it just didn’t fit right, throw it in. If you swap out your winter wardrobe for your summer wardrobe, donate what you never wore that season. Keeping it in sight will keep organization on your mind all year long.

4) Once you’ve really thinned out the heard, you may still find that your closet is crowded with the things that you want to keep. Utilize specialty hangers to make up to three times more space on your hanging bar. Cascading hangers, skirt hangers, pants hangers, and other specialty hangers can allow you to hang up to six garments on one hanger. Cascading hangers can help you to get your outfits ready to wear by pairing up tops and bottoms. Use space saving hangers, like velvet hangers, for everything else. These non-slip hangers are great space savers, but are sturdy enough and attractive enough to provide you with years of closet bliss.

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