More Space Saving Tricks for Your Home

Small homes and apartments can be so hard to keep clean because of the limited space that you have to stay organized. It can become a necessity instead of a luxury to have an organized home if you live in a small space. Living in small spaces makes it so that you have to get creative and use your imagination. You can also use these tips to get you started on your way to finding all of that storage space that may be right in front of you!

1) Furniture can be your best friend in a small home. If you can, invest in furniture that has built in storage. It could be that the arm rest opens up to reveal storage for magazines, remotes, and hidden cup holders. Or, you can find coffee tables that open up to reveal storage inside. You can even use a trunk instead of a coffee table to keep books, photo albums, and throw blankets. Ottomans and end tables can also open up to reveal storage.

2) Install shelves all over the place. Installing a shelf over each doorway of your home gives you a convenient place to display photos or memorabilia. But, you can also use that space for storing books. You can store smaller things inside of interesting containers that compliment your décor. You can also use that space for baskets or bins that hide everyday items, like camera chargers, video games, or office supplies.

3) Shelves can also easily be installed in other neglected areas. Up each side of your fireplace, underneath windows, and in unused corners of the room can all be utilized as storage space. Shelves are a great way to add storage space for very little money. You may only need the board and brackets to make the shelf look nice. Paint them black if you want them to blend in with darker surroundings or pop out as a contemporary accent.

4) Make the space look bigger than it is by using sheers instead of curtains, adding light sources around the room, and leaving the space simple. Busy fabrics and decorations can make a space seemed more closed in. However, using them as accents will actually make a space look larger if they are in contrast to lighter colors surrounding them.

5) Utilize your closets to their full potential. Most closets have a design that wastes the space that they have to offer. Use that area up high on all sides of the closet. Use those neglected front corners for shelves and cubbies. Figure out how to most effectively use shelves and bars for making the space work for you. Use space saving hangers, like velvet hangers, to maximize space on the bar when you’re done.

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