How to Organize Your Small Closet

Getting organized is a little work. The first step is making a commitment to get organized. The closet is a great place to begin. Your goals may include saving space, creating storage, or getting rid of excess clothing.

You can organize things yourself or hire a professional. Either way, it will be up to you to make the final decisions. Jot down notes, draw designs, and ask for other people’s opinions. Having a clear and concise plan will help you stay motivated to finish the task. Look online for ideas on how to handle your problem items.

Starting with bulky items is a good idea. First consider getting them out of your closet all together. Suitcases, camping equipment, blankets and other bulky things can usually be kept in a basement, garage, under the bed, or in a spare bedroom. Making room for the things that you use daily is a good plan.

Next, get rid of things that you don’t use. Remember to include shoes, dresses that are out of date, suits that are too tight, or clothes that fit, but you simply don’t prefer them. Most people hold on to items for years after they wear them for the last time. If there’s something that you don’t want to get rid of that you haven’t worn in a while, go ahead and wear it. See if you can remember why you don’t wear it and then decide whether or not to keep it.

Make spaces for hats, shoes, sweaters, suits, dresses and t-shirts. Your closet needs are personal and will differ from other people. A “one-size-fits-all” closet doesn’t always work out. Utilize adjustable shelving, bins, baskets, hooks and buckets to get the space organized.

Part of making the closet look nice is matching up the hardware. Hooks, drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, hangers and rods can all be updated to match. If you match your hangers, you’ll be surprised how much more uniform your closet looks. Choose hangers that are sturdy, save space, and do not damage your clothing. You may want coat hangers for suits and coats. They will help your heavier items keep their shape.

Choose hangers that don’t cross over each other on the bar. Old wire hangers are notorious for this and can make your closet look messy. Try the new space saving hangers
that are on the market. These velvet hangers grip clothing. They are slim enough to save as much space as wire hangers in your closet. However, they are much stronger. You can also buy specialty space saving hangers like pants hangers, skirt hangers, and dress hangers. You can get accessories like cascading hooks and finger clips to make even more efficient use of the space in your closet.

Organizing your closets can be some work, but the effort will be well rewarded with the time that you save and the organization that you are able to maintain.

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