Saving Closet Space this Winter

Closets definitely get cramped when the winter clothes come out. Get your closet winter ready with these easy to follow tips.

1) Get your other clothes out. Get rid of whatever you didn’t wear over the summer. You can donate clothing to charity, a friend or family member, or even sell it on consignment. If you didn’t wear it this year, then chances are it just doesn’t fit right, it’s out of style, or you simply don’t like it enough.

2) Store your summer clothes. You can use boxes and bins or store them on a rolling garment rack. You can make extra room on the garment rack by using space saving hangers that cascade off of each other. This allows you to piggy-back lots of items on one hanger. You will be surprised how many articles of clothing you can hang on one garment rack. Throw on the plastic or canvas cover and you’re set for the winter.

3) Keep musty odors down in your stored clothes by throwing in a few used dryer sheets. Fresh dryer sheets will deposit a waxy substance on your clothes, which you can see on dark fabrics. If you really want your clothes to smell a lot like the dryer sheet, consider taping it inside the lid so that it’s not touching any of your clothing. The smell that happens when clothes are stored is actually mold. Use cedar hangers or cedar closet accessories to absorb the moisture and odors, keeping mold from forming.

4) Go through your winter clothes. Take the time to actually try things on. If something doesn’t fit right, has a stain that won’t come out, or if you just don’t think you’ll wear it, go ahead and get rid of it. Winter clothes are bulky and take up a lot of room. Not only are they bulkier, but add coats on top of it and your closet can become quickly packed. Make room by using space saving hangers, like velvet hangers. These are shaped correctly and are strong enough to hang your heaviest coats. They keep everything close together.

5) If you still don’t have room, consider cascading hooks and pants hangers. Pants hangers hold three to six pairs of pants on one hanger. They hang flat against each other so they don’t get wrinkled. Velvet hangers also have optional cascading hooks and clips. The hooks hang over the neck of the hangers and make a space for another hanger to hang. You can pair up pants and shirts that go together, or simply hang as many shirts as you want on one hanger. You can cascade hanger after hanger until you have the space that you need. You can triple the space in your closet using velvet hangers. Space saving hangers are an inexpensive, effective option over installing an elaborate closet system.

About the Author: Rick Miller is on the staff of Only Slimline Hangers, a leading online resource for velvet hangers which are space saving hangers, non slip hangers and slim line hangers. For more information, please visit