The Closet of No Seasons

The Closet of No Seasons
Think It’s Impossible to Combine Summer and Winter Wardrobes? Think Again!

Most closets need rearranging every few months because styles change, seasons change, our belongings change, and our needs inevitably change. This is why it is a good idea to avoid a rigid arrangement structure in your closet and opt for more flexible options. Use these ideas to customize a closet arrangement that works best for you and your wardrobe.

Have you ever noticed that when the season changes, your closet becomes a cluttered disaster area? It’s almost impossible to simply swap out summer for winter clothes and be done with it. Seasons change fairly gradually, so there are cold nights with warm days, a hot day followed by a chilly morning, and other weather variations that can have you living from both wardrobes at once. This means that you’ve probably brought out your winter clothes, but you’re living out of the box because you’re still using your summer clothes on most days. Once they get into the laundry together, the problems just start piling up, quite literally.

1) Use Only Slimline Hangers space saving hangers to make room in your closet for both wardrobes. These hangers are super slim so they fit closely together, doubling or even tripling the space in your closet. Use the optional finger clips for skirts and pants. Use the piggy-back hooks for cascading hangers from each other. Pairing up tops and bottoms can double your closet space, yet again. Pants hangers can hold several pairs of pants in one hanger space.

2) If you have all of your clothes hanging, then you no longer need to sacrifice part of your closet for storage. Move that top shelf up, along with the hanging bar, and install a second bar down low for pants, shorts and skirts. Install a few shelves down each side for storing smaller items and you’re set.

3) Put bulky coats, suits, dresses and other items that you don’t wear very often on a rolling garment rack or in another closet. Getting the clothes that you don’t use every day out of the way will give you the room that you need to arrange your closet in a way that works for all seasons. Even better, if you get your closet arranged like this, you’ll never have to swap out summer and winter clothes again, which means you won’t be wasting several days a year reorganizing. With a few specialty hangers you can make it work, no matter how small your space is. We even have velvet hangers for kids. Get your whole house in order and enjoy year-round closet organization.

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